Strategy and Experience

LAING RUSSELL is the management consultancy for the digital enterprise. They deliver digital technology effectively and efficiently and enable teams and individuals to perform at their best.

The name “Laing Russell” not only speaks of their heritage and rich ancestry but also look to reflect their bespoke way of working. They have a varied range of projects and clients that benefit from their collaborative process.

Laing Russell Logo Web

In exploring the strength, boldness and optimism that can be achieved in a static design, Laing Russell were keen to demonstrate their heritage within the primary logo. This was, in part, achieved by utilising particular elements of symbolism related to their ancestry and the adaptive nature of the services they provide.

Laing Russell Sketch Logos

As part of the project we had to think about the future of the brand as a whole. Understanding its culture, products and how they interact with their client base was key to unlocking the foundations to a comprehensive brand.

This is how we drive the partnership approach with all of our clients, allowing us to better-understand where it is that they function and what they want to achieve.