Absolutely Flawless

We were given the opportunity to create visual branding and logo design for a Makeup and Skincare brand called The Flawless Makeup Co. Based in the North East and owned by the lovely Sarah Buttery, we jumped at the chance to work with another local company.

The Flawless Makeup Co. started in 2017. They believe in utilising essential products for every woman that will make you feel empowered to conquer each and every obstacle throughout the day and make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Their goal is to create opportunity in the beauty industry – showcasing women from all backgrounds, focusing on different skin-tones and lifestyles to illustrate the achievable results. Their target audience were women between the ages of 16 – 50 years.

The Flawless Makeup Co. wanted a simple, sophisticated brand to echo the style and impact of Chanel or Gucci. They required a flexible logo design so that it could be used throughout multiple platforms from print, packaging and social media. Having a complete visual of look and feel makes the brand look strong and consistent.

The creative behind the logo

To create a simple and modern visual brand and logo design for a beauty & skincare company was interesting, particularly when considering the concepts that define their value.

  • The typeface was a large part of the creative brief and had to communicate a feeling of a strong but understated visual.
  • A combination of minimal sans-serif and serif typefaces are used in the logo to represent the diversity of the product and their values.
  • The primary brand colour focuses on what is at the centre of the product – skincare. And how the brand can cater to a wide demographic, keeping it sophisticated, luxurious and empowering.

Our design, packaging and other creative – including the logo itself – reflect the key characteristics of the brand: clean, modern, sophisticated, luxury. The Flawless Makeup Co. brand messaging speaks to a customer who values these brand traits.

Check out their services on Facebook and Instagram.