Hello world!

Welcome to Fundamental Design & Marketing.

I can only imagine what you would expect to see when arriving at this page..? Is it an in-depth self-analysis of the Director or maybe some absolute gem of design inspiration that will inspire your next campaign perhaps?

All that I can say is that I am sorry… it is simply a short introduction to me, Jon, the Director – sounds a little odd calling myself that to be honest! I have spent a very long time doing this job for someone else in one shape or form and as of November 2018, decided to start looking at how to do it for myself. So to now be in charge of the ship, at the helm of the SS-Creative, OK that is a bad analogy and I am going to stop it there – it is basically a new adventure and I really hope that we can work together in some capacity in the future.

“Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.”

George Bernard Shaw

The above quote is one of the first I recall someone sending to me when I announced that this was what I was now going to do. Well 2018 was certainly full of hurdles and challenges, but from there I am looking to build on what I know and love doing, hoping to take you all along with me as we navigate the stormy seas of… really sorry, but I do love a cheesy analogy!

Many of the blogs you will find on my website are not going to be a ‘hard sell’ of what I do for the day-to-day, they won’t list prices of projects I have or am currently working on – they will just be a little insight into my thought processes and maybe offer out a bit of advice or a few tips on how to achieve something that you may be struggling with yourself – if not then give it a share; someone else you know might just be struggling with something that you have read here on the website.

So for now, I will bid you ‘laters’, as I do hope that it will not be the last time that you turn up at Fundamental Design & Marketing and hopefully we can catch up over a cup of tea or coffee – I’ll bring the biscuits!

Take care, Jon

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