ANKOR Products

ANKOR Products offer an extensive range of anti-slip products all manufactured independently here in the UK. Their innovative products are widely used by larger organisations who produce shower trays and bathtubs and from their North East-based headquarters, they continue to help their clients reduce the risk of large slip claims in the workplace.

With a growing number of contract successes, ANKOR were looking to re-evaluate their existing brand and strengthen it, in line with their expanding products and services.

Working with ANKOR would prove a different challenge; their products are used by millions every day but they are unable to advertise any direct successes given the nature of how they adopt a partnership approach with larger organisations. It was paramount to understand how they saw themselves moving forward so that they could position their products without isolating their client-base.

After consulting with managers and employees we asked:

“What makes ANKOR Products different?”

They had to think about deliverability, product scope, IP, the Industry and the visibility of the brand. This formed the basis for the creative strategy and the design process that allowed us to deliver a brand that enables ANKOR Products to work side-by-side with their industry peers.