The Raby Estate is over 60,000 acres of dramatic, heritage landscapes and unique buildings steeped in a rich history across County Durham and Shropshire.

They were already in the process of having a new, overarching brand designed and were looking for the transition between old and new to be as seamless as possible. Having been approached to create a number of resources, one of the first solutions was to create an interim template design that encompassed the old style and also the initial elements of the new brand.

Upon receiving the updated assets and illustrations along with the new brand guidelines, the challenge was then to apply the brand in a way as not to isolate any existing material in circulation and at the same time be considerate to the process that had been undertaken.

The implementation started with internal documents; memos, agendas and Microsoft software but then moved on to more public-facing publications such as Castle Guide Leaflets and Cafe Menus. Amongst the documents, of which the branding was to be applied, was the substantial 124 page Business Plan. The consideration of colour, typeface and layout were paramount in delivering a document thats main intent was to be read and not perused.

This is not to say that the aesthetic of the publication was lacking; the utmost care was taken to ensure the quality of paper stock and choice of binding was in line with the Estates ethos of deliverability in a forward-thinking organisation.